During the budget speech read out on 12 October 2015, the Honorable Finance Minister Prof. Edward Scicluna announced that the Government of Malta would be proposing an amendment to articles 495 and 495B of the Civil Code, Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta, by virtue of which the time period required by law for co-owners holding the majority of the shares in an immovable property to institute an action against the other co-owners requesting the authorisation to sell the property held in common would be reduced to three years; amendment effective as of 2016.

As the law stands today, prior to exercising this action, the property must first have been held in common for at least ten years (article 495) or five years (article 495B) if the property was inherited after 1 January 2012.

It must be noted however that prior to due approval by Parliament and the relative publication thereof by means of a Legal Notice, this amendment shall not have the force of law.